Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Oh My God! I skipped the weekend! Let's backtrack...


This is Steknik--god, I hope I spelled that right. I was invited by some of my Oktava students to go and visit this manor house last Saturday! Klara is just about the sweetest and most bubbly girl in the world. We were accompanied by her mother, Hanka, Vojta, Michal, and another boy whose name I can't remember just now, but he kept trying to get me to speak German! Or Russian.

Anyway, this house is not open to the public, really, but Klara knows the caretaker, so...

It was under reconstruction, so we got to see it in a very raw state, but it was interesting. The place has so much potential. It was cool to imagine what it will be when it's finished, but they have already been working on it for ten years, and it's not even close to being finished, so...could be imagining that for a while!

Klara, Vojta, and Hanka, on the manor grounds.

German speaker (sorry, dude!) and Michal.

So, after the trip to the manor house, we all went to a pub, of course! I am still not entirely used to this having-beers-with- students thing. But this time I forgot that they were my students when we were ordering. Vojta promptly reminded me of the first time that I went to a pub with him, when I said I WOULD NOT drink with my students (like SOME people I have heard about). Never say never, I guess. I suppose if we live long enough, we all do things we never thought we'd do! Perspectives change, it seems... but is that a GOOD thing???

Aren't we cute???


Blogger VojtÄ›ch Knyttl said...

I feel sorry we did not introduce you to the "german-russian guy". His name is Ondra, but everyone calls him "Hejny". He is one of the most original people I have ever met...

2:40 AM  

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