Tuesday, August 30, 2005


People keep telling me that Zatec is a small town with nothing to do. Funny, I have yet to be bored or lose my fascination with living here. Granted it has only been 11 days, but I feel that I have a lot of things to do that I haven't begun to tackle.

I am interested in things like using the post office and finding a place to have my eyebrows, etc., waxed. Today I looked for a pair of cotton shorts for sports-like activities (it's so hot right now and I have almost nothing for warm weather), and I thought it was an adventure. I didn't find them, but that's no matter. It is daunting, yet funny, to try to talk to people and ask for things when I don't speak Czech and they don't speak English!

For really important things--business--I call on Ondra (Jiri's best friend) and he comes to the rescue. He has been GREAT! Johnny-on-the-spot really. I am lucky. Actually, everyone has been great, ready and willing to help me out whenever I need it. There isn't too much more I could ask for.

I went to Prague last Friday with Alena (new colleague and office mate) and Martin (her son). We saw Hamlet, the Musical. It was really good. Great Music, great cast. Prague itself was splendid. The river area was really beautiful and inviting. I could imagine myself spending some quality time in the cafes there. The squares were exciting! I saw Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square, which was lined with modern art sculptures...interesting. I have to say that it is that kind of art that I just don't get. Lately I have come to terms with the fact that I not as "deep" as I once thought I was. I'm OK with that. Even though I just don't get it--or maybe I am just unconvinced by the highly intricate and psychologically meaningful explanations of what is essentially a wire fence surrounding nothing, tree stumps in a glass box, or what looks like a lump of biscuit dough with a log stuck through it--it was arresting. I had to look at it and think about it for a minute at least.

I am looking forward to going back to Prague. I saw some places I'd like to shop. Have I mentioned that I don't think I have enough clothing? Even though I came with five pieces of luggage? Well, only two of them really had clothes in them. And not only don't I have clothes for hot weather, I don't have clothes for really cold weather either! What do I have? Clothes for LA, I don't know. Anyway, I need to shop! I have offers from people willing to take me to Prague for this purpose, and I plan to take them up, often. "Zatec is small, and there is really nothing here," usually follows...I am glad I live here instead of Prague. It's close enough for me to see it as often as I want.

Well, I have been given 15 minutes to get ready for a new pub, so I have to go now. Later.



Blogger frenchconnection said...

Welcome to Europe, but not quite sure I can say that if I'm still vacationing in California, so maybe in a couple days it'll be official but by then I'll be tired by all the flight time and it'd be another week before I would have responded so better to do it unofficially officially now from Monterey Park.

Hamlet-the Musical!-- what do they do run a chorus line over a stage of skulls.

Enjoy the Czech Rep, funny, I think part of my roots are Bohemian, so I thinnk that's where the madness comes from.

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