Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Happy Birthday, Radek!

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After spending the day with my students, I met up with the boys for this birthday party. Kind of reminds me of a "party" I attended in Costa Rica....

Me and a bunch of guys, sitting around a table drinking. Hmmm...

Rotating table of boys...

Tomas, can you see me??

Peter--cute but crazy!

How could I ever forget?? My very own secret agent--Honza! He's checking his super cell phone for his new missions--should he choose to accept them.

Me and Ondra, as usual. My hero. What would I do without him??

Yep, a LOT like Costa Rica, only there, I didn't realize what they meant by "party" before I was already in it. Aaaaannnd, it was hot, in the jungle--okay, it's no excuse, but I did proceed to get PLASTERED in CR! I had never and HAVE never again been sooooo drunk in my life. Luckily, I was with good people, as I usually am. People are pretty good all over the world.

Here, in CZ, I did manage NOT to get totally trashed on this night. Then I even went home when it was still dark outside, and WAY before the rest of them! Live and learn, I guess. SOMEBODY who was there didn't even wake up until 4pm the next day!

Hmmm...wonder who...


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