Friday, March 03, 2006


The day Katherine left, I went back to Prague for the weekend. Another new Prague for me. I had found a spa I wanted to try while walking with Kat, and I visited it on the Friday evening. I got my hair braided on Saturday, and met up with Peg, a new Fulbrighter, for dinner at Hot (my new favorite restaurant). On the way back to Peg's apartment and my hotel, we passed through Old Town Square and paused to soak in this special occasion. Giant screens were showing the Czech Hockey Team playing for a Bronze medal in the Olympics. It was freezing cold, and many people were out there, just standing transfixed.

National Pride

To me, these are the kind of moments one just has to enjoy in life, whether at home or abroad--but especially abroad. These are the kinds of things we never forget. CZ won, of course, so I am sure the fans felt rewarded for their dedication.

Team Spirit

I, however, was already thawed and cozy in Peg's SUPER apartment by the time that happened. When we left to walk me toward me hotel, we could tell that the game had ended, as we saw the people walking away from the direction of the square, but we couldn't tell who had won, as there was no celebration that we could hear and no indication of joy on the faces of the people. The next day, I had to ask people on the street to find out the results. Congratulations, CZ!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

National Pride! Something that is very rare these days. I'm happy for them. Great photos.

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