Monday, July 31, 2006

Niagara Falls, USA

I think this picture looks like a fake, as if I did some funny stuff to it on the computer, but it is just a normal photo.

After a week in New York and New Jersey, Jiri and I drove across the entire state of New York to Niagara Falls. It took a bit longer than we expected, but it was still a pleasant drive. Jiri did all the driving and I got to look around a lot. =) Perfect. We got turned around only twice, and only one of them was my fault (silly me thought to get from Newark to East Newark would mean going...East), so I didn't let him down as the navigator. =)

We stopped along the way and ended up buying tickets for a tour of the falls area--Good call! It really hit all the high points of the things we needed to see there. AND we drove through a MONSTER storm (HEAVY rain, thunder, lightning--the works!), but we were undaunted. Jirka just pushed on like a trooper, and I was busy trying to capture the lightning in a photo. Not easy to do since you can't know where it will be or when. Even when I used the video feature, I got nothing. You will have to take my word for it when I tell you it was spectacular.

American falls

Horseshoe in the mist

American Falls w/elevator


These pictures are from the Daredevils Museum, where they keep the...let's say "instruments" that people have used to go over the falls. Some survived, some did not. If you look carefully at the photo of the jetski, you can see the last photo taken of the guy who used the jetski to go over the falls--AS he was going over the falls, with the intention of parachuting to the bottom. Due to drafts and such created by the powerful waterfall, the chute didn't open, and that was the end of him.

We heard a story about a little boy who went over the falls with nothing but a lifejacket--and Survived! Some pretty amazing things have happened there, but not as many as you'd think. I guess people aren't so crazy after all. But did you know that the FIRST person to ever attempt to go over (in a barrel) was a SCHOOLTEACHER??!! In her 60's!! But I guess I can understand how she might be a little crazy. =)

They say she was trying to earn money for her retirement from speaking engagements after the drop. Although she did survive, she didn't really earn anything to help her into a comfy retirement. Too bad. =(




Jiri and I didn't try to go over the falls, but we did walk under them. This platform is built under Bridal Veil (part of the American Falls) every year. During the winter, there is A LOT of ice here, which ruins the wooden structure, so now they dismantle it and rebuild it each year. Walking underneath Bridal Veil is out of this world. You don't get the full flow or full force of the fall, but what you do get is enough for pure exhilaration!! What fun!!! A truly unique life-experience. =)

We survived. Don't we look whipped?! =) (Actually this was taken before we went under teh falls, but...)



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