Thursday, June 29, 2006

"July 4th" Celebrating American Independence Day

So I went to an official function at the US Ambassador's Residence--Again...

And I met the President of the Czech Republic--Again


I also met the US Ambassador to CZ for the second time.
There was fanfare...
And nice speeches...(CZ values its friendship with the US...The US if very happy to be partners with CZ...lots of love and warmth)
And there was SPECTACULAR food. YES!!!
And some American icons...
This was my first clue that it was going to be a bigger deal than I had thought. There was a huge line outside with some very official-looking people.
And a security check. We didn't have THAT the first time I came to visit the residence.

Radek S. and Jan B--interesting Czech people. Fascinating stories.

Cabell, The Virginian. Funny guy. He was an intern at the Fulbright office in Prague while he was on summer break from school. I wish I had known about things like that when I was in school, but I can't complain--or waste time looking back and kicking myself. I did my best for then, and I think I do juuuuust fine now. It's now and tomorrow that counts anyway. =)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry I did not get to meet you in Dublin. I left a message on your VT mail so I hope you go that. Hope you enjoyed it and maybe next time you visit we might meet up. Tayto (real name Joe)

4:15 AM  
Anonymous Carye Vogt said...

Did you and the Pres coordinate your are wearing the same color top that he was wearing when you met him the first time!!! Did he remember you?? Just wondering..cant wait for you to be home..miss you much, Carye

11:42 PM  

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