Wednesday, October 05, 2005

While I'm backtracking...

Let's go back to when this whole crazy adventure really got rolling--in one of my FAVORITE cities ever, Washington, DC. Except we weren't really in DC, we were in Alexandria, Virginia, but who's keeping track of details like that???? We are all one!!!

This is Jiri, my often-mentioned exchange partner, Andrea (from the Fulbright Commission in Prague), and me. Here, we (and some others, not pictured here) are starting to become "the Czech Group."

But we managed to meet other really cool people too. This is John. His wife went on exchange to India. He was very fun to talk to. Jiri and I sat with him for many meals. This was taken on our last night in DC.

And of course, "the Czech group" wouldn't go five days in DC without a trip to a pub!! I think this was only the second night though!


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