Sunday, March 12, 2006

I'm adding links! Check 'em out.

I am becoming a bit more technically inclined since I started doing this blog. I surprise myself sometimes. But...well, I guess if a person wants to do something badly enough, the person will figure out a way to do it!!

I have been messing around with html and all sorts of things! Every new thing I figure out brings a feeling of great triumph! I'm the King of the World!! I can do anything...with a little persistence and patience (NOT my strong suit). Nevermind that I have a nifty help menu to fall back on! =) I am surprised I can do it even WITH the help menu.

ANYWAY, I said all this to say:

CHECK OUT MY EXCHANGE PARTNER'S BLOG!! I have added a link for it, along with links for more information on some of the things I mention when I write (Franz Kafka, Marquis de SADE) . It's a bit like doing footnotes for a college paper--showing some source material. That's what it reminds me of anyway.

As you know (if you have read much of this blog before), I mention Jiri (my exchange partner) quite a lot. He does the same--OF COURSE! =) So we decided to add links to each other's blog on our sites. That way, anyone who is interested (and only reading one of the blogs) can go back and forth between them and get both sides of the EXCHANGE story, as it were. We hope some of you find this helpful, and as always, we hope to be INTERESTING.




Blogger Elaine said...

You're turning into quite a computer person, aren't you? I will not call you a tech or a geek cause you're far from that but you are getting to be very savvy...Kewl!

11:02 AM  
Blogger Jiři Harajda said...

Oh, Ky come on!! You have been adding the links for week. Geeeez, write about Slovakia, we readers long for more info from you.

2:39 PM  
Anonymous eilenegray said...

You two seem to be very touched with other. Hope you keep up your friedship after the exchange. Both your pictures are breathtaking. Kind of makes me want to get out and see some things. Yes, me , Keke. At the risk of souding stupid, what is a btw. Now I have 2 blogs to visit.

1:09 PM  

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