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Milca is a new Fulbrighter who will be going to the USA this summer for a year. She invited me to visit her in her home town of Decin, which is right near the border with Germany. It was a relaxing yet activity-packed weekend. I am quite amazed when I think about all the things we managed to do in two days. I am thinking back on it because it was weeks ago already! I haven't managed to sit down and write about it because...well, I have been on the go! I take off for new territories each weekend, and we also have had some things going on at school her in Zatec to keep me occupied. And...sometimes...I just get tired. Writing takes energy, you know? =)

Anyway, I had passed through Decin on the train when I went to Berlin, and I thought it was really beautifully laid out. I started looking forward to my visit with Milca a lot.

Mr. Harajda drove me so that i wouldn't have to take the trains. VERY nice of him! I think he likes driving me around. =) This is what waited for me when I got there.

Because it was a festival weekend for the town, there was a parade and fireworks show on Saturday night.

Cottage door

Ever since I have been in CZ, I have been hearing about the cottages. People leave their towns and cites in droves most every weekend to go to their family cottages. I saw one up close when I visited Jan Mach in East Bohemia, but this weekend I actually stayed in one. It's much like when people in California go to a cabin in Big Bear for the weekend. Sort of. I know Milca thought I was freaked out by the rustic nature of the place, but really I wasn't. I was just soaking it in. It was very quiet and there was a dense woods nearby on a hillside. An old church--I am not sure it was still in use. Milca and her husband, Jirka, really enjoy going there and sitting in the yard and looking at the trees and the church. For me, it was a nice weekend, and now I can say I HAVE EXPERIENCED THE COTTAGE. =)

Here it is--from the side

From the front

View of church

cottage yard

Cottage neighbors

Birthday Party--One of Milca's English-teaching colleagues had a birthday party during the weekend, so we took a very lovely drive over to the village (?) she lived in to stop in for a while. It was quite festive and the people were nice there.

On the way to the party, we drove through these beautiful country roads, and who would have guessed that after we arrived at the celebration there would be a GIGANTIC thunderstorm?! And I DO mean Gigantic! It seemed to come out of nowhere--the heavy downpour and the winds! Whoa! The road back to the cottage was littered with tree parts and a couple of trees too. Driving back was slow and careful, and when we got there, there was no electricity. So our second night at the cottage was candlelit. Very romantic, and a perfect atmosphere for a cottage night, I say. =)

Milca's mom--one of the many stops we made during the Friday and Saturday. One of the many meals!! Because everyone was so hospitable and kind, there was just about a TON of food for me to eat--all day long. I wasn't used to eating so much, but it was quite lovely.

Dinner made by Milca's mother--a VERY sweet lady!

In addition to the pizzeria, the parade, the fireworks, the birthday party, the cottage, and the castle fair, the televised hockey match in the pub, Milca's parents, and her in-laws, we also visited a friend who has his own make-shift wine cellar! I had a private tasting (with Milca and her husband). It was groovy!


Thanks, Milca! It really was a special weekend.

But this was only Friday afternoon and Saturday, folks. On Sunday, we went across the border. . .


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Beautiful pictures, beautiful people. A well kept secret, huh? I think many people would love to see this first hand.

Thank you so much for sharing your adventure with us.

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