Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Goodbye to Year 4

Year 4--Left to right: Lukas, Lenka, Klara, Eva, Vit, Honza (Jan), and Daniel =)

It was the last day of classes for them. Then they were to go off for a week and study (wink wink) for school leaving exams. So when I came to meet them, they said, "It's our last class, can we meet in the pub??" Why not? Have to take the opportunity of doing the things you just CANNOT do at home, I suppose. Besides, they were one of my FAVORITE classes, and I will miss them. There are really a terrific group of kids--pleasant, polite, no excuses. Just nice!



I gave them some parting gifts (UCLA pencils and stickers) for good luck too. After school leaving exams, they will have to take college entrance exams as well. Yikes!

Then they showed me some of teh things they had made to put up at school for their final Friday (the next day) where they all dress up in some costumes (theirs were hippies and flower children) and haze the younger students a bit (nothing dangerous) and collect money for their going away party. I was really bummed that I didn't bring my camera to school that day. I had packed all my stuff for my trip to Paris, and it was in a bag. =(

BUT I did take pictures of the "decorations" they made for the school, poking a little fun at the teachers. =)


Alena and Jirka

Yours truly


Jirka again

Me again

Goodbye, and Good Luck, Year 4. Feel free to email me from time to time.



Blogger Elaine said...

Very nice looking group of young men and women. I bet they were a pleasure to teach. Great pictures of you and the other teachers. Why the mustashe?? What was that, a joke? I don't get it and that did not look like you to me. Who me, biased? :-)

5:34 PM  

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