Monday, June 05, 2006


Michael came to visit me in Zatec for a day! It was really great to have him here. Did me a world of good. Here he is at the gate in Zatec.

While taking a walking tour of the town, we ran into Ondra and Honza. Honza invited us to a BBQ at his house. Very nice of him to do so, and he even made sure there was something vegetarian for Michael to eat. =)

Michael and Radek

Getting it all on film

Michael's Mom--Before our journey to Zatec, I went to Prague to meet up with Michael and his parents. He was finishing up his year as a Fulbrighter in Slovakia, and his parents came to visit him and do a little traveling. In Prague (the end of their trip), we did some walking, dinner, etc. It was very nice to meet them. Then, on Sunday evening, while they were off to see Rigoletto, Michael and I took the bus for Zatec.

At a cafe by the Astronomical Clock

The clock in action.
A crowd of people gathered and waited up to 45 minutes to see the little doors open and the 12 Apostles make an appearance at the windows as Death rang the bells marking the hours. Yes, forty-five the rain.

So anyway, Michael is one of the Slovakian Fulbrighters I managed to become good friends with (and visited so often). I am sure we will all be in touch as the years pass. There was really some kind of special bonding there. I will see Charles in a couple of weeks in Turkey (where he lives) and Srdjan in July in New York (New Jersey) where he lives. I am very glad that we all met.


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Dude, OK--now that I finally got around to visiting your blog, I have to say: Sweet! I am so impressed with seeing myself on-line.

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