Friday, June 02, 2006

Week of Music


Well, this week (May 27-June 1) was filled with live music for me! It stared on Saturday night when I went to dinner with Michael and his parents in Prague. I took them to my favorite restaurant (Hot, on Wenceslas Square) and although I have seen the piano there a number of times, Saturday was the first time (or second??) I actually heard someone playing and singing on it. Very nice to have the music and a nice dinner. A good time was had by all.

Then on Monday, I went to The Estates Theater to see Mozart's Don Giovanni. It was great for me because this was THE theater for which Mozart wrote Don Giovanni!! I just sat there and imagined Mozart conducting the Opera there (again). Wow.

On Wednesday, there was a jazz concert in Louny. Two of my students (Klara and Hanka) invited me to go with them and another friend. It was kind of a girls night out. The concert took place in a room of the Louny Divadlo (theater), which was a very nice building. What I mean is that it looked rather newish; the style seemed plain--in a modern way, not a grand architectural type. Anyway, the music was quite excellent. I enjoyed it very much. It was entirely instrumental, so I had a chance to think my own ponder the universe and my place in it...and just generally reflect. I do a lot of that sort of thing. =0

Thursday began with a morning assembly in the Zatec Divadlo for awarding school certificates to the students who finished Gymnazium this year (MY students). So we watched while the underclassmen put on various entertainment pieces for the graduating students. It was a treat, and some of the kids really were talented--others were at least very funny. Jane, one of my 14 year-old kids played the piano beautifully, and Michaela, who is maybe 15 or 16, sang in a surprising and impressive style!

Thursday continued and was a splendid evening for music. Mrs Harajdova and I went to see Aida at the National Theater in Prague! Awesome production. The set design and staging was truly magnificent. It was my favorite of them all. I had not yet seen The Marriage of Figaro, but was duly impressed by Aida.

The sunset outside the National Theater

Mr. Harajda waited for us at a cafe/restaurant across the street, and when we went over to join him for some hot chocolate, there was even more live music inside the place. It just never stops in Prague! Indeed, music--good, live music is one of the things I looked forward to when I knew I would be so close to Prague, and I must say that I have not been disappointed.



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