Sunday, September 03, 2006

Back to CZ--Maurice and Alicia

Maurice and Me

The day after Jiri and I returned to CZ from New York, my very good friend, Maurice, came to visit from London. The day after that, Alicia, a new teacher at Birmingham and friend of Jirka's came to visit also. Although Alicia worked at my LA school, I had never met her because she started with Jirka during the year I was away.

It was like another kind of magic the way we all got along so well and such a great time together. Jirka and I spent four days touring around CZ with Maurice and Alicia, and we had a great time. Because Maurice and Alicia's days were staggered, we ended up making it to Prague, Karlovy Vary, and Marianske Lazne only, but we got a LOT out of the visits! We all had a FANTASTIC time together.

Jiri and Alicia

Here, we were in a very expensive pizzeria in Karlovy Vary.


Jirka was pretty disappointed with the weather on this day, but the rest of us considered it part of the adventure. Clouds and rain COULD NOT obscure the beauty of the town, Jirka, so no worries. We all got it!

Tasting the waters...and chewing the fat. =)

Nice building. I didn't see this area the last time I was here.

Fortunately, the weather in Prague was much nicer on the day we went there.
Art in Prague--Just as there were displays of sculpture last summer when I visited Prague, there are displays this year as well--and equally...creative too. =)

Prague IS Art--Beautiful buildings abound in this city.

Male bonding.

All of us at Prague Castle. Lovely day overall.



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