Sunday, September 03, 2006

Nectiny and Pilsen


Jirka and I did so much more than just exchange jobs for the year. We really exchanged lives.

Would we have gone so in-depth with different exchange partners? Hard to say.

Was it FATE that put US together? WHO can say?

But in keeping with the rest of the year, Jirka felt the need to show me some parts of his pre-exchange life that I had yet to see. This beautiful castle is where he has his summer English camp. He had hoped that I would stick around and teach English at the camp this year, but I had to go home before the camp started, so he drove me up to have a look at it. It is one of--if not THE number one-- his favorite places. I think anyone can see why. =)


We took a little hike around the grounds, and ended up on a hill overlooking the castle. The hill was the site of the original castle back-in-the-day, before the "new" one was built.


That same day, Jiri took me to Pilsen so I could see where he went to University and honed his MAD English skills. =) He seemed to be disappointed with Pilsen and said something about it not being as nice as he remembered it, but I thought it was fine--even though he really thinks I didn't like it. We didn't stay long though. He seemed ready to move on, so we did.



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