Monday, September 12, 2005

Nice feet!

I had a full pedicure today. It was good. The first time I tried to get one, I discovered that the place that did my manicure didn't do pedicures, despite having a sign outside advertising them. Sarka, the manicurist tried to explain it all to me, but since I don't yet speak Czech...

After she finished my nails (great job, by the way), she walked me around the corner, down the street, into a courtyard to a lady who DID do pedicures. Great! Then... uh-oh--maybe I don't want a pedicure after all. First, the room was divided into curtained-off areas like in a hospital ward. Hmm. Nice basin though. Then I saw the tools, and I was a little afraid. I thought, "either I am going to have the best pedicure of my life or I will be bleeding and crippled for life." Thankfully, it was the former. The best ever! It WAS kind of medicinal. Very thorough. But she didn't do polish, which brings me to the place I went to today. Also very thorough, AND I got my first French paint job on my toes! Niiiiice.

These little things make me happy. Big things do as well, but lots of little things work wonders on me.

Next up...MASSAGE!!!


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