Monday, September 05, 2005

Prague Blog


I spent the day in Prague yesterday with Michaela (Jiri's sister-in-law), Dinara (Michaela's friend), and some people from the USA--Peter, Paul, Linda and Susan. It was fantastic! We had a blast, really.

Jiri and I met Linda and Peter in Los Angeles, two days after we arrived there from DC, at my second Czech Lesson. They talked a lot to Jiri because they were planning to travel thing led to another... Jiri gave them Michaela's contact info...

So there we were hanging out in Prague! The two of them (Linda and Peter) were accompanied by Peter's brother, Paul, and his wife, Sue. We all got along great. It was so much fun talking to each of them. NICE people. We walked quite a bit--my legs were tired when I got back to Zatec! We visited Prague Castle, The Squares again (Old Town and Wenceslas) took more pictures of the modern art--some fun pictures. This time we got "involved with the art." I got my refrigerator magnets from Prague, finally, to add to my collection! I rode the metro, and Michaela and I had taken the bus there from Louny (not far from Zatec), so I saw how easy it is to get to Prague and back!

We ended the day with a typical Czech dinner. Dumplings--of both potato and bread variety-- two kinds of pork, plus sausage and cabbage. Well, that's what three of us had. The others had some other Czech delights. It was my first time having real Czech food, I guess, and I can say it wasn't bad. I prefer the bread dumplings to the potato, and did not care much for the cabbage because it was kind of pickled, but I am glad I tried it. If I would cook, I could adjust to my own taste, and I would love the food a lot. I really love the bread here. I'm not sure if it is typical Czech or typical Zatec, but it is kind of dense and brownish, and it is quite satisfying. Not just satisfying; it complements other foods well. I particularly enjoyed it at Zatec Beerfest--I even took a picture of it!

Anyway, Prague was great, and I found out some places for Ondra to take me shopping next week! =)



Here I am with Michaela in Prague Castle courtyard--if that's what they call it. =)


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