Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Usual Suspects


Here they are at the Caesar Festival in Kadan last weekend. Honza and Bo are making funny faces, as usual. Ondra, as usual, is on his cell phone (handy, as they call them). This was a neat town! I liked the main square and the old fortified walls. It was beautiful really--for as far as I could see. Kadan sits on the same river (Ohre) that runs through my town (Zatec). The festival: a parade of Charles the 4th (??), more meat, more beer--only one!--and a walk through the tunnel that was used by the executioner to enter the main square to...well I don't know the method of execution, and I didn't ask! Bo said he (the executioner) wasn't allowed to live within the town, so the tunnel was made for him to come and go. Gruesome. We could see his house just outside of the old city walls, so he was never THAT far away.

There were game booths, where Ondra and the Secret Agent (Honza) won me more prizes with their superior shooting skills, and carnival rides, which apparently I am not tough enough to handle any more. After one spin with Bo on a loopy wheel of upside-down revolutionary whirlybob (just one big circle, really), I was a bit wobbly, headache-y, and needed, yes, a NAP! Good thing I had one too because we went out that night and came home at 6 am! That was even later than the first weekend. I wonder when I will get home after Beerfest...


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