Friday, September 16, 2005


Seems to me to be a typical Czech response to all manner of questions!

Is this what you want? Maybe.
Would you want to do this if you could? Maybe
Do you like this? Maybe
Have you ever thought of doing something like this? Maybe
Is that how you feel then? Maybe

I'm sometimes astounded by the absence of definite answers to seemingly yes or no questions. If I press, I sometimes get a simple yes or no, but more often, I find people reluctant to assert an opinion or desire or wish. It seems that they (and I am speaking mainly of my students, but there are others as well) are worried about making a definite statement because maybe it won't actually happen that way or maybe they will change their minds in the future...I don't know.

They say they don't know what the future holds, so they don't like to say what they would want to do...I say how will you ever do what you want if you don't acknowledge it and point yourself toward it.

If something MAY not happen the way you'd like, does that mean it is bad to say what you want, would like, or wish for? Is it better to always just wait and see? Take what you get because maybe you can't get what you want???

Again, I don't know, but it is . . . INTERESTING. I will probably revisit this topic in the future.



Blogger VojtÄ›ch Knyttl said...

This is exactly one of the "czechy things" that drives me mad. Can't stand people without any opinions. But nevermind.

Sorry for my english.

5:11 AM  

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