Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Other Events--Prague

So we also visited the US Embassy, or a satellite of the US Embassy, and that was interesting too, but no photos there!=(

I could have, but I just didn't. We spoke with several embassy officials, and learned about what it takes for Czech citizens to get visas for visiting and emigrating to the USA, and all sorts of other issues relating to Americans being here and Czechs being there. I asked a few questions, and I wasn't even nervous, as I usually am in these situations. My voice stayed normal; my heart rate stayed normal. I was cool. Hmm. Hey, I was calm with the Ambassador too. Am I turning over a new leaf?? Good thing, because I found out yesterday that I will be going to another town just before my birthday to speak about my experiences here in CZ. A new phase in life: Kylowna, the public speaker!

On Friday, orientation ended and I had to move on to new things, like getting my hair done...

My braids are out, after 7 grueling hours of work (ending with dead arms), even with help from Michaela (thank you, Michaela!), but here I am wrapped and hatted. As usual, I want NO ONE to see me with my hair down--only those who are in a position where it can't be helped, and even then I am not too pleased.

Martha, a Nigerian lady, is a fast worker, and I am so glad to have been connected with her (thanks again, Michaela!) She put my new braids in in about 5 hours and says she can take my braids out next time, in 90 minutes!! She can have it!! Yes!

We (Michaela and I) are at a shopping mall, killing time--and spending money--until it is time for my appointment at the salon. I was amused by all the kinds of stockings there are here, although I don't think I'd ever wear them!

And here is the new do--which I am not yet used to...perhaps too much blonde for me:

I guess you can't really see it here, but you will. I won't be changing it for at least two months!

I have to run soon. I am scoping out an Aikido class tonight! Photos of my students coming soon!!


Blogger Mitch said...

You look good girl!! You are missed! The opera looks beautiful- How has your weather been? Do you need a coat yet? Do you have one? Any tw experiences??

11:34 AM  

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