Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Orientation Week Continues


Here I am at the opera! (Feeling quite grown-up, I might add.) My first real opera, I think. I mean, I have seen Evita, and Les Mis, and Jesus Christ Superstar type shows, but they aren't really operas, are they? So this was my first. The Bartered Bride (Prodana Nevesta), by Bedrich Smetana, a Czech composer. It was--THANK GOD--a comedy, nothing too heavy or depressing. Perfect. The National Theater was just beautiful! I should have taken more pictures, really. The lobby, walking in on the red carpet. It was really gorgeous. We were seated on the second balcony, and I was smack in the center. I can't imagine a more perfect seat! It was great. The music and voices were fantastic, and although it was in Czech, there were titles in English and German, so it worked out wonderfully.

Good thing I had that black dress for the ambassador's reception, or I would have had nothing to wear!

Beth (on the far left, is another Fulbright exchange teacher, living in Znojmo), and her daughters, Pamela and Gina, and I are enjoying one of the quick intermissions high up in the theater. There was a nice view of the river Vltava, once you look beyond the enormous spiders camped (thankfully) outside the big windows.

We were suitemates in the hotel, and it was a good thing! We had such a great time together. I loved them; they were fab. We laughed so much. I thought Beth was a really serious person when I met her in DC. Wrong! I am sure she can be, but she is also a hoot and a holler (that's for you Pamela). Outstanding people, all of them. I am sure I will see them again.


The National Theater, at night, after the opera. I was so happy I could get my camera to cooperate for these photos. Quite lovely. Ahhh...the beauty of Prague.


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