Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Orientation--Ambassador's Reception


First stop: The US Ambassador to the Czech Republic's residence, for a reception. Quite lovely, I must say. All the Fulbrighters in the Czech Republic: teachers, scholars, lecturers, and Czech Fulbright Alumni, diplomats, their wives, etc--very interesting people. I enjoyed it very much. I was encouraged to speak to the ambassador (Mr. Cabaniss) personally, and despite my shyness, I did it. He was very gracious, very easy to talk to actually. I invited him to come to Zatec and see our school, and he just may do it. He likes to visit schools when he out around the country, so...It would be quite an honor for him to come, truthfully. And, hey, the principal was happy, so I was happy.


Although I talked to the Ambassador, I did NOT take a photo with him, so I took one with his portrait instead.


Here we are--the Zatec group--enjoying the reception. Me, Principal Rebicek, Alena, and Marta. Alena was a Fulbright exchange teacher about 8 or 9 years ago; she spent the year in Houston, Texas. Marta is an English-teaching engine! She never stops: school, then private lessons, and exercising...amazing! She is also Ondra's mom. =)


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