Wednesday, September 21, 2005


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This is what hops look like, and somehow (I don´t yet know how) they are turned into beer. I think the hops are pretty, and I was told that this hop "field" near the center of Zatec is the smallest anywhere.

Zatec is known for having superior hops, and that is why Czech beer is the best in the world. Thatś what I hear. It could be true.

As far as beer goes, I don´t think there is any better than what I have had here--although I must admit, I don´t like them all, and am no beer expert by a long shot. I haven´t tried them all yet, so I will have to postpone my final opinion until I have done more research. I will let you know.


Blogger Email said...

Hey Ky,

I've been enjoying reading about your adventures. I love the picture of the hops. Mine look pretty sad in comparison. When are you going to start up the beer shipments.

Take care,


10:38 PM  
Blogger frenchconnection said...

Hi Kylowna,

Ah, Czech suds; the best. I remember my first trip there in 92; the waiter just asked/told "you want bihggg bierre!" Great stuff, had 3 of um. University of Paris, Rene Descarte picked me up for a couple classes; and another night with the city hall. Yes! Travel money.
It's high time you plan your first holiday; mine is set. Enjoy

12:18 PM  

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