Thursday, December 01, 2005


On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, some of the Fulbrighters got together for a Thanksgiving meal. We met in Revnice, at the home of Hanka Ripkova. It was about a 40-minute ride on the train to the outer regions of Prague. The area was really pretty. It reminded me of some small mountain/country towns in the US. Unfortunately I didn't take photos outside. =( I was too cold or something. =) I wasn't cooperating with myself.

View from Andrea's. I stayed with Andrea for the weekend, and THIS is a view from her enormous terrace!

Snowy view. It snowed off and on during the time in Prague. I liked it better when it snowed. I was warmer, and it was pretty.

Cute boys! A wonderful family with four great kids, two of them born right here in Prague--one seven years ago, and one five weeks ago. Amazing!

Admiring the wine! Totally unaware of me =)



Darling girl. Five year olds are the best!

It was a good time, overall. The people were smart and interesting. Doing interesting things, leading interesting lives--lots of good travel stories. Some of these people have spent so much time abroad. Many have spent SIGNIFICANT amounts of time in several countries. And they aren't done yet. It was amazing and admirable. No better way to learn about the world than getting out there in it--and I am not talking about a vacation.


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Hey Ky,

I keep commenting instead of emailing 'cos I can't remember your address. No posts yet about how you are rooting for the US in the world cup against CZE? Will you still be in CZE on June 12? Haven't heard from you in awhile, 'cept of course the blog. We were home when you called from England. Tried to find the phone, but couldn't before you rang off, dang cordless phones. How's Mark doing? Is he playing anywhwere? I saw his pictures on Jiri's blog, just found it; not to many hits with Kylowna and Czech Republic. Only two, blogs, yours and his.

Take care, hope it's not too cold,


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P.S. Six year olds are the best now.


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