Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Seasons Change


So when October ended, it was like a curtain dropped--literally. It was a different world. And the weather reflected it! We still are having a surprisingly nice day here and there, but then there are these days when the fog is omnipresent--and I do mean morning, noon, and night. The air is chilling--or "crisp," as some like to say. So far, it's not SO bad, and it's not SO cold (I keep hearing it will be much worse), but it's a motivation killer. When I look out the window and see fog everywhere, I just have a hard time getting pumped to go outside to do...well, anything. I do go out, but I have to do better. What will I do when it gets REALLY cold?? I can't stay in the house all winter! Or. . . CAN I????????? Just kidding. I WILL get out despite the weather. I am hatching travel plans even as I write. You will see. =)

Remember my beautiful tree??? November in Czech is a word (Listopad) that means "falling leaves" and boy did they nail that one on the head. It is as if they ALL came down on cue. There are NO leaves on the deciduous trees in my back yard-- all of a sudden, it seems. Hmmmm.


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Remember beerfest back in september? That was just a warm up for winter.



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