Thursday, December 01, 2005

Fulbright Commission Visit--A very good day!

On November, 11th, three representatives of the Fulbright Commission in Prague came to visit me in Zatec. It was a Friday, and I teach only 90 minutes on Fridays. So the group visited the end of my lesson, and then we spent some time talking at school while Jakub talked to the students. Then we all went to the town hall to meet the Mayor of Zatec, Jiri Farkota. He talked about the different projects going on around the town and various town government relationships. Very Interesting. After he asked where I lived, he also said they would repave my street--eventually. =)

Pictured here are Gymnazium Assistant Principal, Alena Zimmermanova; Director of the Prague Fulbright Commission, Hanka Ripkova; Gymnazium Principal, Miroslav Rebicek; Me=); Gymnazium English Teacher and Former Fulbrighter, Alena Brozovska; and Andrea Semancova, of the Fulbright Commission. Jakub Tesar (of the Fulbright Commission) was also in Zatec on this day, but at the time of this photo, he was busy giving a presentation to the Gymnazium students about opportunities to study in the United States.

This photo made it into the local newspaper. The article was in Czech, of course, so I couldn't read it for myself, but it was nice anyway. =) And I have a copy of the article (thanks Irena), which I may be able to translate one day. But don't hold your breath!


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