Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Am I in Heaven? Or am I in Heaven??

Yes, folks, this is WIMBLEDON! I am honored and privileged to be but a small part of the Wimbledon tradition. A very small part, I'd say! But oh WOW! We got the tour, and --even at this time of the year when Wimbledon is NOT at its most glamorous--it was the grooviest thing ever!

Speaks for itself, I think.

These are tennis courts, folks. It is amazing how you walk into Wimbledon--or I should say, The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club--and you are IN. Immediately there are the outer courts. You can be SO VERY close to the action! I couldn't even imagine it with crowds of people. I don't know how they do it.


What would Wimbledon BE without clouds??? In traditional fashion, it was threatening rain, with some actual sprinkles, while we were there having our tour. Quite funny.

Fred Perry--the last Englishman to win Wimbledon, back in 1936. That's what I call a drought! No pun intended. =)

Center Court??

Court 1??

Sorry, folks, but I can't really tell from the photos which court is which. It was a strange thing to me to see the courts without the lines, nets, players, etc. It's not really a court at all; it's a lawn! Center Court and Court 1 are only used for The Championships, so they have been growing this grass since last summer! There is an electric fence around the lawn to keep out the foxes. (Low voltage, don't worry.) Although there was evidence of their having been there, there were no foxes in sight today.

Here is our faithful guide, though. She is a stockbroker by day and a London tour guide by weekend. Fantastic! She had to study two years and pass exams to have this weekend job. The course trained her to be a tourguide for everything in London. She does Wimbledon because she is a big tennis fan. A girl after my own heart!

I'm ready for my interview, Mr. Demille!

So this is THE desk where the players sit for their post-match interviews. When I sat down for this photo--I mean, "interview"-- our guide (who QUITE captured my heart here) said, "look, it's Venus Williams." How happy was I? Pleased as punch! If you know me, you can't escape knowing that she is my ABSOLUTE favorite player--and reigning Wimbledon Ladies Champion! I was thrilled to be there!

Me at Wimbledon! This is NOT the greatest picture of me, but it's me at Wimbledon, so it made the blog! Brilliant day!


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