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Actually, I have been back in the Czech Republic since January 2nd. That was Monday. It is now Sunday morning, VERY EARLY, and my body clock is still going haywire! I have only been sleeping a few hours at a time, waking up in the wee hours of the morning--except for yesterday, of course, when I slept away most of the day instead of going to the grocery store and cleaning the apartment (and my clothes) as I had planned! Still not eating as I should, but I plan to remedy THAT pronto!


I had a great time at home, but much to my own surprise, I did NOT take very many photos! I can't believe myself sometimes. For the first several days, I kept forgetting to even take my camera out of the bag it was packed in. I am used to carrying it around in my pocket here, so I didn't even think of the camera until I was ready to take a picture, and then, of course, I didn't have it.

Other than getting there, I didn't plan much of my trip home ahead of time. I just went with the flow, played it by ear, etc. I didn't even tell most of my people I was coming. As a result, almost everybody was surprised to see me. Pleasantly surprised, I might add. It was nice.

I saw my exchange partner, Jiri, quite a bit during my stay. It was a good time. I suggested a little bit of sightseeing for us since the first time we were together in LA it was pretty much all about business (School district, car business, insurance, paperwork, getting around, etc.). He suggested we go to Mexico--just over the border for the day. I was up for it. I hadn't been to TJ (Tijuana) in 19 years, and I was curious to see it again. Boy had it changed! Either that or my memory was really faulty. I didn't remember anything being on the US side of the border except a giant parking lot--an unattended lot at that! I seem to recall having to put money for parking into numbered slots in a huge metal box, which would be checked by somebody at some point later. Now the border looks like one giant sprawl where two towns and two countries blend together almost seamlessly. The US side was one big outlet mall!

We went down a little bit later than we had planned because I always want exactly what I want and nothing else will do, so we had to check about 3-4 restaurants to get me what I wanted for breakfast. And then I only ate half of it--maybe less! Jiri is VERY patient, I have to say.

We walked around TJ, ended up in Rosarito Beach, suddenly in the dark, tired, and starving. We ended up camping out there (in a hotel--Princess doesn't sleep on the beach with horse poo) overnight, as there was NO way we were going to make the journey back to TJ in the dark, cross the border on foot, and then drive 2 1/2 hours back to LA. It was quite an adventure, I have to say--and completely unplanned, as I suppose most "adventures" are. =)

It was a good idea of his, and it actually turned out to be the highlight of my trip home. I love to travel (understatement of the year) so a trip-within-a-trip was a extra pleasant surprise. Kudos, Jirka!


It was really good to see ALL the people that I saw. Sorry to those of you that I missed! If I didn't see you, please don't take it personally. Remember, everything was at random, as I said above.

Christmas with the family was nice. GOOD FOOD! Laughs, Football, Basketball. It was great. (I guess I will be watching more sports when I go home; I now know I miss them.) I got to see some new family members (recent wedding) and discovered that there are a bunch who are about to move away, so I found out I will have to start visiting Texas in order to see them again anytime soon.

New Year's Eve was mellow, but also fab. Spent a glorious day shopping and taking care of last minute business. Didn't do everything as I wanted, but I was very satisfied with what I DID manage to do. Left a bit of a mess in my cousin's place (all my trash--that is, empty shopping bags); already apologized. She said she didn't mind, so a BIG THANK YOU for putting me up and putting up with me, Combe!

Spent the evening with friends (Carye, Hugh, Jiri, Denisa, Honey, and Adelka). Take out from Buca di Beppo--niiice. Watched TV, played games...pleasant evening. I just realized I DO have a picture! (Thanks, Denisa!) Maybe I will put it here!

Me and Jiri 12/31/05

Well, that was about it. The next day I left LA for CZ. Although I was glad to come back, it was still kind of sad to leave LA. It was like something out of a novel or movie; it even started to rain, which only contributed to the dismal atmosphere. Now I am here. Home in Zatec. It has taken me a little time to get back on track (with the blog), but I hope to be writing more, both on and off of the blog. Hope somebody besides me finds it interesting.

Cheers, and Happy New Year to all. May 2006 be the best year ever!! To New adventures and Fantastic Firsts!!



Blogger Jiři Harajda said...

Do I kmow this Turkish looking guy???
Nice blogging, all true I have to say. It was a great time.

10:41 PM  
Blogger Britt said...

that all sounds great! I'm glad you enjoyed your visit back to LA.

11:23 PM  
Blogger Travelin' Fool said...

Thanks, Brit! I hope things are going well with you too!
Love ya.


2:20 PM  
Blogger Elaine said...

It was a joy having you home and I treasure the time we did spend with each other.

Sorry I did not have the time or the chance to make your favorite meal, but when you come home in August it will be on the menu of your welcome home party, deal?

11:23 AM  
Blogger Eilene Gray said...

I find your adventures very interesting

9:18 AM  

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