Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My walk to work...

A gorgeous tree--don't ask me what kind it is because I don't know. The colors are beautiful. What will it look like in Winter?? A skeleton? =(

If I walk for maybe three minutes and look back toward my house, this is what I see. It's not my house; it's a church, but my house is just behind it, sort of.

A house I pass on the way to work. I think it's a typical older style house around here. Not the nicest, but not the worst either.

A very pretty part of the street.

This building fascinates me. I wonder about the process of keeping old buildings in good repair. I love to see the progress they are making in renovating it. If you had seen it before...Let's just say that this is a very old town, and some parts really show their age!

Here is the other side of that same building, with much less work done to it. So you can see the lady without the makeup. =)


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