Monday, October 17, 2005

I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!


On Saturday, Mr. and Mrs. Harajda took me on a trip to Karlovy Vary. Wow, oh wooooowwwwwww. It was GORgeous! If I'd had the money (and the permission from the Czech Government) I would have bought an apartment there on the spot! We walked around there for hours, and I was continually amazed at the spectacle of beauty. It is very well kept. The buildings are in immaculate condition, everything is manicured--neat and trim! I had seen some postcards of Karlovy Vary before I went, and they were nice, but they did NOT do the place justice. I had wanted to come to Karlovy Vary because I am VERY interested in spa towns, but I really had no idea what I was going to find here. Nice to know the reality now. It reminded me a little of Sorrento, Italy; they have the same kind of energy, similar vibe. However, I didn't want to LIVE in Sorrento! I am SURE I will be back here again. Maybe some massage and mud??

In the beginning...
I took a bath in the morning, so I was really warm before we left Zatec. I dressed as if I were still in California: jeans, two tank tops, and--what was I THINKING??-- Sandals!! The sun was shining, or threatening to, so when I walked outside, I was really fine. Mrs. Harajda thought I was crazy, and she was right. I did carry my sweater and coat with me though. By the time we got to Karlovy Vary, I was starting to feel the actual temperature outside. YIKES! So...the first thing we had to do was go find me some socks with the toes in them so I could wear them with the sandals. We did! They saved my life, and the rest of the day was wonderful.

Sanatorium. Can be prescribed by a doctor for convalescence. Amazing.

Beautiful top of building. I starting imagining, as I often do. What if I...

I think I was about here when I first thought...If I could walk these streets every day, I would live my life as a happy camper. OK, maybe not every day; I still would have to travel, but this certainly wouldn't be the worst place to live.

Horse and buggy. How cute!! Takes the imagination back to what it must have been like back in the day when this was a major source of transportation. (And no Jiri, no Ondra, I was NOT born back then!!)

Lattice building. Nice old wooden building. Not quite sure what it was...some kind of spa house?

Charlie Chaplin. This was a surprise!

River and bridge-- another beautiful shot of the town.

My first taste! It is part of the Karlovy Vary experience to taste the water from the many springs that flow around town. It is mineral water and is supposed to be good for the digestive tract. They even sell special mugs? jugs? jars? cups? for the tasting. Mr. and Mrs. Harajda bought me the one I am drinking from here. A present! There is a definite mineral taste to the water...kind of salty, but not really salt. It's...interesting, and definitely worth the try. As I said, a part of the experience! I will do it again next time, every time.

At the spring with Mrs. Harajda. Here is one of the springs where you can fill a cup (jar? jug?). Many are in this same style, but each has a different temperature (and perhaps a different concentration of minerals??). Some fountains are in a completely different design too.

Look at the columns! Nice area.

With the geyser! This is a natural geyser, but enclosed in glass building. It's pretty awesome. The water is hot, and the room is warm. Mrs. Harajda and I were taking off and putting on our coats all day! Sunny area, shady area. Warm room, cool street...

The tower at the top. We took a funicular up the mountain and had a lovely lunch at the restaurant up there. Afterward, Mr. Harajda waited outside while Mrs. Harajda (Harajdova, I know) and I climbed to the top of this tower to see a view of the area.

View from the top. I am impressed by the wooded area around the town. There is SO much!! The nature blends nicely with the purpose and atmosphere of Karlovy Vary. I want to walk through the forest...amid the trees...

Hot water flow. Some of the natural hot water flows into the river here, leaving mineral deposits in its wake. Lovely! It's like something from prehistoric times (and no, boys, I wasn't born then either!).

Lovely old hotel. Hotel Romance?? haha

BGWYWH (Beautiful! Gorgeous! Wish you were here.)

There's something about a gazebo...

Mirrored Obelisk. THIS one wasn't stolen from Egypt! Niiiiice.


Blogger Elaine said...

OMG!! How beautiful! You have such a wonderful eye. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

8:07 PM  
Blogger David Allison said...


I remember the beauty of that place as well! The Czech Republic has so many beautiful areas to it. I'm glad you are enjoying your time there.

9:03 AM  

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