Sunday, October 23, 2005

Cultural Experience!

Pivovar is the Czech word for brewery, and this is Zatec's very own! I found the experience VERY interesting. I was fascinated by the whole process, and I wondered, as I often do, who first thought of doing all these things to plants and water. How did they know what it would become? It's really amazing.

My little darlings!!!
Aren't they adorable???

I am posting this especially because Vit purposely closed his eyes during my photo!! And also pictured here is Tomas, our fearless leader, who took it upon himself to organize this trip after I merely mentioned wanting to do it one day in class. None of the kids had ever been, so... Way to go, Tomas!


This is Radek. I don't know his last name, but he is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Pivovar Zatec, and he conducted the tour of the brewery--in English! Bravo.

Hot beer in the boiling room!

Empty fermentation bed. This was a fascinating part of the tour, which was, in its entirety, pretty fascinating itself.

Fermenting beer. If you lean in close enough, you can get a burning nostril full of the CO2 that is being created by the yeast. I did! Whew!!

Assembly line--Sooooo Laverne and Shirley!!

The workers at the Pivovar gave gifts of beer to a few of my students. Did they say no, thank you, it's only 9 am?? Noooooo.

Tasting room- two fisted drinker

Her too!

Yes, I am drinking beer with my students again. I really didn't think we would do the tasting part because of the early hour, but I guess it's never to early for beer in Zatec.

We tasted TWO kinds of beer!! It's ok, we were all sharing the two mugs, so no one overdid it. =)


Blogger Henry said...

Kylowna! (Can I call you Kylowna?) You drink beer? I thought English teachers only drank image of you drinking wine and grading papers by the fireplace has been you even own a fireplace?!? Maybe I'm just being dramatic because I'm writing an English paper at 2:22am. I need sleep! In any case, the point is, you never took OUR class to a brewery!

2:31 AM  
Blogger Email said...

Hey Ky,

That's a high school class? My kids would snap. We had MADD come and give a presentation instead of going to a brewery. I'll suggest the brewery tour for next year.



6:04 AM  
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